Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Spring 2011 activities started

In a temprature in the mid 40s and due to wind effect made it felt as if in single digits; we had our first Information Table on 4/16.

Thanks are due to Ismail and Cylvana, our youngest members, for working in this cold windy weather... They have done a great job in convincing passers-by to stop and sign petition.

They also collected over $7 in the donation can for stamps and photocopying...

We are planning to continue this tradition event of Amnesty International thru the spring/summer/fall....

On 4/30, the temprature was still on the cold side (and windy, too!). The Information table was coordinated by Fanny and Jessica. A reporter/photographer from Western New England College visited our table to take some photos for Jessica to document her internship work with our group and WMDC (this was her last public event to organize... Thank you, Jessica).

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