Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sami Adam & Child Soldiers in Chad

Sami, 7 years old, is an African-American child who lives with his family in Saudi Arabia and is visiting Amherst this Summer. last Sat, he joined his friend Cylvanna, our youngest Amnesty member in Amherst, to organize the bi-weekly information table in downtown Amherst at the Farmers Market.

He atentatively listened to Cylavanna updating him on each petition at the table and it seemed that a particular one captured his attention more. This was the one asking President Obama to revoke a waiver to Chad that let the country continues to recruit underage combatants in the refugees camps in Eastern Chad (read more here). Sami managed to convince 7 visitors to Amnesty Table to sign this petition. "I will ask more people to sign the petition so we can send it to President Obama before I go back to Saudi Arabia" he told me at the end of the day.

Thank you all again for keeping this Tabling activity rolling...

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