Sunday, December 11, 2011

Human Rights Day 2011

The Human Rights Commission of Amherst Town along with Amnesty International Chapter (Group 128) held its annual celebration event in the Town Hall to mark the Human Rights Day... artists came to participate from as far as Holyoke City and Manchester, NH... 2 popular Sudanese artists (refugees from Sudan) participated; Abdalla Mohamed Abdalla (Flute) and Tamador Gibreel (Drum & Vocal)...
In this photo (by Reynolds Winslow) The Human Rights Director of Amherst Town, Eunice Torres, speaks with artists before their performance... Also, next to Tamador, sits activist Fanny Rothschild. Fanny is an important voice for Sudanese refugees in the Pioneer Valley and helping a lot in exposing the human rights violations in Sudan. The actions of Fanny and many other activists in the Valley helped to save the Girifna leaders (a human rights group) from torture on the hands of the sudanese regime.

Prior to this event, a group of 20 activists hold a candle vigil the night before and reflected on the human rights around the globe while they read the 30 Articles of the Universal Human Rights Declaration

Happy Human Rights Day....

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