Saturday, October 19, 2013

October events in Western Massachusetts

Amnesty International Chapters in Western Mass are getting very active this month. No wonder, since students are back to this Students Hub and many college chapters are waking up from Summer Hibernation!

Our Chapter is in the mid of this events. Our weekly tabling continues to be a success bringing many activists together to get updates from the active members of AI-128 who facilitate the table.
We are looking forward to the monthly meeting to finalize the Human Rights Day activities.

We also are part of the Student and Local Chapters training event scheduled for 10/26 (next Sat) at Mount Holyoke College.

Our active member (at Large), Attorney Abdelrahman Gasim is a major contributor to our Chapter Facebook page. He almost daily updates the page with human rights news from Kampala, Uganda where he' stationed. Thankd Mr. Gasim!
He posts in Arabic:

هيئة محامي دارفور
اعتقل الأمن و المخابرات السوداني بمدينة نيالا الاستاذ ادم محمد شريف المحامي امس ٢٦ سبتمبر ٢٠١٣ ، الاستاذ ادم شريف من المحامين النشطاء في مدينة نيالا و هو منسق هيئة محامي دارفور بولاية جنوب دارفور 
and also in English:
Lawyers for Lawyers letter to the President Omar al Bashir
Sudan Lawyer detained without charge
11 Oct 13
On 26 September 2013 the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) arrested Adam Sharief, a lawyer and the coordinator of the Darfur Bar Association in South Darfur. Sharief was arrested without "
charge and has not been granted access to a lawyer....

Thank you ustaz/Abdelrahman and keep the good work!

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