Sunday, March 23, 2014

Planning "2014 events" Meeting

A well prepared and facilitated meeting (thanks to our Coordinator, Martha) was held yesterday @ the Jones Library and put in action the outlines of a promising 2014 agenda.
Please see the empty spots (on left) for Tabling events and add your name

Jones Library

Financial Report; Legislative Bills and Lobbying; Collaboration with Amnesty Group 133; A proposed Drones Article for the Town Metting (Frank Gatti);  AGM in Chicago; and our website. These were the agenda discussed.

The AGM was discussed and concern over the high cost for participation was raised again and we elided to voice them in writing this time.
Thanks to Alexis, our young enthusistic member for representing the Group in Chicago ... The 3-Day Conference agenda is available here.

Abdelrahman Gasim

We encourage all members to post on our Facebook Page... Thanks to our member At Large, the prominent human rights advocate and member of Darfur Bar Association, Abdelrahman Gasim, for keeping the page very live and interactive (He lives in exile in Uganda after many arrests in Sudan including one when he was extradited from UAE to Sudan).

The meeting also noted with appreciation the Public Open Letter sent by mohamed elgadi, Amnesty member, to President Obama, which found a wide media coverage due to campaign organized by ACT for Sudan, and advocacy group in Boston.

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  1. I am deeply thank Amnesty International Amherst , MA , USA for their kind words for my humble deeds , what I did didn't worth anything . What you offer to me will encourage me to dedicate my efforts to human rights arena . My regards and appreciation to all the Amnesty International Amherst , MA , USA personnels and to all our members .
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