Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Chapter Addresses Solidarity Rally with Egypt/Sudan

Over 400 activists showed their support to the Egyptian Intifada and other countries of Middle East and Sudan..

For more that 2 hrs the rally continued from UMASS to Amherst College in a bad freezing rain, sleet and ice...

Our local Chapter of Amnesty International was among another 10 groups and orgs who sponsored and planned the rally. We got a chance to have our voice heard to the media and announced the good news that our adopted Egyptian Priosoner of Conscience, Karim Amer, was released and actually is blogging now again from Tahrir Square in Cairo.

See this video on MassLive that reflects part of our Chapter Coordinator's speech, Mohamed Elgadi "I believe a strong movement like this — civil disobedience, like what's happening in the streets of Cairo, and Sudan, and Yemen and Tunisia — is going to be victorious," Dr. Mohamed Elgadi, the coordinator for Amnesty International Amherst, told the crowd."
One of the favorite slogans chanted today at the rally was this one "From the Nile to the sea, Egypt, Egypt will be free"