Sunday, November 23, 2014

Human Rights Exhibit: More Drawings Added

In a brutal cold day we had our Information Table as usual in the Farmers Market (thanks to Abrahim/Cathy/Martha/Magda/Mohamed) and we celebrated the end of 2014 weekly Tabling (from April to Nov).

After the end of the table, we moved to the Jones Library to put up the new arrival of children's drawings that we received from Kampala, Uganda, and San Francisco, CA

The children' statement and reflection on the  Human Rights Declaration are very powerful. Here are few from San Francisco preschoolers as dictated to their teacher Nahid:

"Hands Not for Hitting. Hands have to be Kind"

"I use my hands to help Mommy and Daddy. Not for Hurting"

We invite you to come down to the Jones Library in Amherst and spend sometime looking at these amazing work of the future leaders and human rights defenders


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