Saturday, December 6, 2014

Human Rights Day Celebration: Part 2

After the good start of Part 1 of the Human Rights Day celebration (Children's Exhibit during the month of Nov); our Amnesty International Chapter kicked off another successful event.

In marking the 66th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights (UDHR) we convened 4-hr event at the Jones Library in Amherst that was very well attended, and co sponsored by more than two dozens of human rights and peace building groups in the area. Participants came from all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

Here is a brief description of today's Program:

  • Opening remarks,  Martha Spiegelman, Coordinator, Amnesty International-Amherst Group 128 

Martha gave a brief description on the history of UDHR and what has been representing in the lives of activists around the world. She also encouraged the audience to send support letters and Season's Greetings cards to Ayatolah Boroujerdi, the Iranian Pris
oner of Conscience adopted by Amherst Chapter.

  • Chant, composed by Amnesty International–Amherst Group 128, with Tamador Gibreel and Michael Morgan on drums. A beautiful poetic words collectively composed by our members and delivered and chanted by the whole audience:
Remember, remember
As we open the windows

Dream, dream
As we push through the doors


Nourish, nourish
As we sing.

  • Speaker Cynthia Gabriel, Senior Organizer for Amnesty International: Background and History of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and a few words about Amnesty International, 

 Selected  Articles  from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Brought  to  Life  by  Performance  and  Art

      Article 1:  Excerpts from Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” in English and Spanish, read by Bassil Farah, Ayssar Farah and Rwan Farah, with Tamador Gibreel and Michael Morgan on drums

      Article 2:  "HeForShe, Equal Rights for Women," excerpts from speech by UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson for HeForShe Campaign, read by Burleigh Muten

     Article 3:  ­­­­­­­­­“Life Liberty Security”, a dance choreographed by Alicia Morton and danced by Alicia Morton and Ritsuka Mastroianni, with Tom Morton reading a poem by A
licia Morton and working a rainstick.

   Article 5: ­­­­­­­­ Torturous cacaphony, a musical piece segueing into “Rights of Man” (Traditional), Sarah McKee on Celtic harp

  Article 6: A reading and Saxophone solo, performed by Mtali Banda

   Article 7:  "Tree of Peace," song composed and performed by Jacqueline Odess-Gillett, guitar and vocal

   Article 9:  ­­­­­­­­­“Kampa Gi
rl’s Story”, Tibetan Memoir, written by Tsultrim Dolma and read by Moha
med Elgadi

  Article 10:  Excerpt from “Tango Lessons”, a novel in progress written and read by Fanny Rothschild, with Tamador Gibreel and Michael Morgan on drums

   Article 13:  “Right to See,” poem written and read by Alexis Stranko

   Article 15: ­­ A few words from Gandhi on nationhood, nationality and self-government, selected and read by Martha Spiegelman, with Sarah McKee on Celtic harp  

   Article 16:  “Same Sex Marriage”, song composed by Tom Neilson and sung by Tom Neilson and     Lynn Waldron, with Bruce Colegrove on guitar

   Article 18:  "The Curious Giraffe," a children's song composed and sung by Dorothy Cresswell 

  Article 19:  ­­­­­Song, Tamador Gibreel singing  [title to be added]

  Article 21:  "The Recurring Dream," written and read by Dusty Miller

 Article 24:  A reading by Hannah Elliot  [title to be added]

Articles 26 ­­­­­­­­­and 27:  Rainbow Players, with Ezzel FloraniƱa  [title to be added]

Article 28:  “Guantanamo”, photographic exhibit by Pioneer Valley No More Guantanamos, Nancy Talanian presenting

Special thanks and appreciation to the Amherst Media (formerly ACTV) staff, Stephanie and Shawn, for taping the event to make it available to the whole community and online streaming.

Closing,  light refreshments / meeting and informal conversation