Saturday, October 17, 2015

News and Fall Activities of Amherst Chapter

It's been almost 2 months since we updated this Blog however, our Facebook Page is always up-to-date... Thanks in part to our member-at large Abdelrahman Al-Gasim (pic, below), who kept the page always active with human rights news around the Globe...

"Abdelrahman Al-Gasim is a Sudanese human rights lawyer who has been living as a refugee in Uganda since 2012. In 2000, Abdelrahman helped to found the Darfur Bar Association (DBA)—an independent, non-profit association of Darfuri lawyers and jurists that provides pro bono legal services to those in need and advocates for cultural understanding, respect for human rights and peace. Even though it led to his exile, his commitment for human rights in Sudan remains unwavering."

This is part of story run by the American Bar Association on this decent human rights lawyer and activist whom coordinated work last year from Uganda and brought a fresh voice of the children refugees to our Human Rights art exhibit in Nov-Dec 2014.

The 'tabling' activities continued as well and always gathered lot of debate and discussion at the Amherst Farmers Market in downtown Amherst. As one visitor commented that it becomes part of the face of Amherst.
A very interesting comment was shared today at the table was the concern about advocating against the Death Penalty in the face of the cruel and heinous atrocities ISIS/Boko Haram/Shabab and other terrorist groups.

Today at our monthly meeting, we continued the planning for the Human Rights Day event (scheduled for Dec 5th) at the Jones Library as usual. We will have the Children Art Exhibit for 2 weeks (Nov 15-30). This year, Mt. Holyoke Chapter of Amnesty is planning to actively participate in the event. Their representative, Maya Delaney attended the meeting today (pic, left)